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I have been working with Mambila in Cameroon since 1985, research various topics including traditional religion, sociolinguistics, kinship and history. In recent years I have started to work with Cameroonian photographers. In 2003/4 I was the Evans-Prichard lecturer at All Souls College, Oxford presenting a series of lectures on the life-history of Diko Madeleine, the first wife of Chief Konaka of Somié (see In 2005, as part of Africa’05, an exhibition of two Cameroonian studio photographers was held at the National Portrait Gallery, London in a display called ‘Cameroon-London’. Some images from an earlier showing in Cameroon are online at

Other Interests: I have long standing interests in multimedia and how internet technologies can be used to illuminate and access museum collections and archives. My work on Mambila spider divination as a ‘technology of choice making’ led to some pioneering observational work on how library users choose which books to read. From this I became involved in how academic research infrastructure is managed.

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