I am a scholar in the field of South Asian Studies / Indology, especially interested in Ayurveda, the Indian epics and the Arthaśāstra. Within these areas I prefer to work on themes like nature reception, conceptions of geography and space, cultural development and ethical concepts.
Current project (PI): Epidemics and Crisis Management in Pre-modern South Asia.


MA and PhD at the University of Vienna, Austria.

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    Epidemics and Crisis Management in Pre-modern South Asia, research project funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF): https://epidemics.univie.ac.at/

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    • FOASAS – Fair Open Access Publishing in South Asian Studies: https://foasas.org/ (founder and organizer)

    • EASAS – European Association for South Asian Studies: https://www.easas.eu/ (member)

    • Classical Ayurveda Text Study Group

    • History of Science in Early South Asia


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