Subhashish is a long-time steward in the Openness movement. He has led community program design, strategy and communications roles in noted nonprofits including Wikimedia Foundation, Centre for Internet & Society, Mozilla, and Internet Society. As a National Geographic Explorer and filmmaker, he has produced several documentary films focusing on the protection of indigenous and endangered languages. In 2019, he was a Yoti Digital Identity Fellow and conducted documentary research on the multifaceted exclusion of marginalized communities in India through the implementation of biometric ID Aadhaar. An early changemaker, he founded OpenSpeaks for documentation of at-risk languages. Subhashish co-founded O Foundation, an organization that works at the intersection of digital rights and Openness.

Other Publications

  • “Can Openness and Open Standards Help Revitalise Marginalised Languages?” (book chapter). Young people, social inclusion and digitalisation. 2021-01-01. ISBN: 978-92-871-8650-8

  • Rising Voices. Indigenous Language Digital Activism meson press 2015 | journal-article DOI: 10.25969/MEDIAREP/1351

  • Classical Odia Language in the Digital Age Odisha Review 2014 | book-chapter Part of ISBN: ISSN 0970-8669

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