Critical animal studies, feminist and gender studies, speculative fiction, science fiction


Ph.D. in Literature, 2016, University of California Santa Cruz

M.A. in Literature, 2014, University of California Santa Cruz

B.A. in Media Studies, 2006, Pomona College

Other Publications

“How to Love Your Livestock: Negotiating Domestic Partnership in the Multispecies World of ‘Bloodchild,’” forthcoming in special issue of Palimpsest: A Journal on Women, Gender, and the Black International.

“Finding Ferality in the Anthropocene: Marie Darrieussecq’s ‘My Mother Told Me Monsters Do Not Exist,’” Feral Feminisms 6 (Fall 2016): 33-45.

“Microbial Zoopoetics in Octavia Butler’s Clay’s Ark,” Humanimalia 7.2 (Spring 2016): 109-130.

“Bien Manger, Bien Mangé: Edible Reciprocity in Jean de Léry’s Histoire d’un voyage faict en la terre du Brésil,” Journal for Early Modern Cultural Studies 14.3 (June 2014): 107-135.

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