My current research analyses the emergence of the twentieth century French livre d’artiste, sometimes called the artists book, as a strategic instrument of cultural resistance in France during the Second World War. I am examining the wide spectrum of innovative codes and symbols that artists camouflaged in the images of their books to communicate their anti-occupation messages. My research, using quantitative analysis which involved creating a special purpose database, also led to the discovery of a hitherto unreported post-war resurgence of the artist’s book in France. Previously, I was in business in a 35-year professional career in both the government and private sector, in London and Sydney and pursued my art history career as a mature aged scholar.



PhD (June 2016) – Art and Design, UNSW, Sydney, Australia.

Masters in Arts Administration (2011) – College of Fine Art, UNSW

MTech, Operational Research (1974), Brunel University, UK

BSc (Engineering) (Hons) (1967), University of Leicester, UK





Other Publications

Symbolism and Allusion in Matisse’s Jazz” Published Journal of the Research Institute of the History of Art. 15 May 2019. (Peer reviewed.)


“Cultural Resistance in Henri Matisse’s Poèmes de Charles d’Orléans.”

Published Visual Resources. 17 September 2018. (Peer reviewed.)


Orénoque as a Book of Cultural Protest: Fautrier’s Brutal Etchings Camouflaged by Ganzo’s Poetic River.” Published Konsthistorisk tidskrift/Journal of Art History, Volume 87 Issue 4, pages 193-213. 14 September 2018. (Peer reviewed.)


“Cultural Resistance through the Manuscrit Moderne: Tériades editions of Rouault’s Divertissement and Bonnard’s Correspondances.” Paper published in RELIEF – Revue Électronique de Littérature Française 11, no. 1 (July 2017): 40 – 65. (Peer reviewed)


“Matisse’s Jazz: A Turning Point.” Paper published in Christchurch Art Gallery Bulletin Spring 2017, no. 189 (September 2017): 22-25.


“Turning Point – The Aesthetic Genealogy behind Picasso’s Illustrations of Reverdy’s Le Chant des Morts.” Chapter Five in “Art and the Book” ed Peter Stupples, pub Cambridge Scholar, November 2016. (Peer reviewed) Based on a paper presented at the Art and Book Symposium, Dunedin, New Zealand, October 2014.


“Picasso – The Art of his Books.” Look 2 (Sydney: Art Gallery Society of New South Wales, 2012): 16–17.


 “Resistance and Resurgence; the cultural and political dynamic of the livre d’artiste and the German Occupation of France”. PhD thesis, June 2016. Art and Design, University of New South Wales, Sydney.








































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