Richard is a film and camera historian in Oxford, England. He has a particular interest in the Debrie Parvo 35mm hand-cranked camera and the film that it stars in, ‘Man with a Movie Camera’. His research into neglected aspects of Dziga Vertov’s 1929 masterpiece has included discovering the locations used in the film, establishing a definitive timeline of the early screenings, and describing the cameras that feature in the film. He has also investigated the trains seen in ‘Man with a Movie Camera’, a feature of Vertov’s work since his first film in 1918. Richard’s research has been described by leading film historians as ‘extraordinary’, ‘revisionary’, and ‘a huge step ahead in knowledge of the film’. The Dovzhenko Centre in Kyiv is translating several papers into Ukrainian for its website.

Richard’s research is ongoing – for updated versions of his papers please visit richardbossons.academia.edu/research

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