Piers Armstrong (PhD in Romance Literature and Linguistics, UCLA) is a Brazilianist and a Latin American generalist, with a broad base in language instruction, cultural and literary studies and critical thinking. He has taught various combinations of Portuguese, Spanish and French language and literatures, and general ed humanities courses on topics ranging from the social history of the Americas to the aesthetics of pop music, at UCLA, USC, Dartmouth College, UC Irvine and Cal State LA, and in Brazil. His research works on various interfaces of three domains: (i) translation and the reception of texts; (ii) the rhetorical relations between aesthetic, ethical and material arguments; (iii) the evolution of “Black Atlantic” identities, particularly in Bahia, Brazil. Third World Literary Fortunes, documents the very limited European and North American reception of Brazilian literature, and compares this first to the exuberant reception of Spanish American Boom literature, and then, conversely, with the strong international recognition of certain icons of Brazilian popular culture. Cultura Popular Baiana & Estilística Cultural Pragmática is an introduction to cultural studies in the applied local context of Bahia − a center for Afro-Brazilian culture, international cultural tourism and religious and popular trans-Atlantic dialogs.

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