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    Teaching-stream (non-research) professor at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby BC Canada since 2002. Teaches a wide range of courses, including eighteenth-century British, children’s literature, the quantitative analysis of poetry, and SF & fantasy. Makes historical outfits, sings, and plays the ukulele. Has served as a Faculty Teaching Fellow for the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and co-lead for SFU’s course design workshop.


    PhD Queen’s University, Kingston ON, Canada 1989

    MA Queen’s University, Kingston ON, Canada 1985

    BA University of Guelph, Guelph ON, Canada 1983

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    Other Publications

    “Losing your Footing: The Transformation of Gender Roles and Gender Ideology in Marissa Meyer’s Cinder.” Retelling Cinderella: Cultural and Creative Transformations, edited by Nicola Darwood and Alexis Weedon, Cambridge Scholars Press, 2020, pp. 49-66.

    “Bento and Buffet: Two Approaches to Flexible Summative Assessment.”  CELT: Collected Essays on Learning and Teaching, vol. 9, 2016, pp. 167-74.

    “Making Pamela Real for Undergraduates: Sexual Harassment and the Epistolary Form,” Approaches to Teaching the Novels of Samuel Richardson, eds. Lisa Zunshine and Jocelyn Harris, Approaches to Teaching World Literature 87, The Modern Language Association of America,  2006, pp. .

    “Evaluation by Agreement as a Part of Student-Centered Learning”; Refereed Proceedings of The Sixth Annual Atlantic Universities’ Teaching Showcase, Association of Atlantic Universities, 2002, pp. 109-118.

    “Adolescence, Imperialism, and Identity in Kim and Pegasus in Flight .”  Mosaic, Special issue on children’s literature, vol. 34, iss. 2, 2001, pp. 149-164.

    “(Un)Trustworthy Praise and (Un)Governed Passions in The Farther Adventures of Robinson Crusoe.”  Relocating Praise: Literary Modalities and Rhetorical Contexts,  ed. Alice G. den Otter, Canadian Scholars’ Press, 2000, ch. 6.

    “The Children in the Story: Metafiction in Mary Poppins in the Park.”  Children’s Literature in Education, vol. 28, iss. 3, 1997, pp. 137-149.

    “Mapping the Distorted Worlds of Gulliver’s Travels.”  Lumen, vol. 16, 1997, pp. 179-196.



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      Editor of student-authored projects published using SFU Library’s Digital Publications:

      Engl 427 chapbook publication, A Chapbook Anthology of Female Romantic Poets Writing in English, summer 2020:

      Engl 420 journal on Alexander Pope, Pope-ular Analysis, Fall 2019:

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