American lit from 1880, experimentalism, history of science, gender and sexuality, childhood, and media studies.

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Experimental: American Literature and the Aesthetics of Knowledge (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2019).

Articles and chapters (peer reviewed)

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Publications (editor reviewed)

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Book manuscripts in progress

“The Embryology of the Closet: Shelled Poetics, Biopolitics, and the Death Drive.”

“The Embryology of the Closet” emerges from a key moment in the history of the “evolutionary synthesis” between Darwinian evolution and Mendelian genetics in biology: in 1905, a young Bryn Mawr College PhD named Nettie Stevens published her monograph on the existence and functions of sex chromosomes, Studies in Spermatogenesis. “The Embryology of the Closet” examines the role of embryological discourses in both biopolitics and the Freudian theory of the death drive via a network of elite white women—Stevens, M. Carey Thomas, Marianne Moore, H.D., Florence Sabin, and Gertrude Stein—at the interface of queer women’s culture and research biology.


“Racial Capitalism and the Mycological Turn.” With Dr. Samuel Solomon.

Why are fungi having a “moment”? This project tracks fungi as a rhetorical, conceptual, and material resource for imagining futures in the face of both ecological collapse and capitalist secular stagnation across speculative fiction, poetics, alternative medicine and wellness culture, and biotech startups. Historically understudied relative to plants and animals, fungi offer many surprises about “what we know” about living things, allowing them to appear to unite science and magic, and thereby offer a “fungal fix” for planetary exhaustion.

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