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    Michael Anthony DeAnda is a professional lecturer in Game Design at DePaul University. He earned his PhD in Technology and Humanities from Illinois Institute of Technology. His research focuses on the ways queer people and communities engage in playing and developing games, and through my research, he observes ways of envisioning new categories of  gender and sexuality.  

    As a game designer, he develops games that comment on sexuality and gender as a way of envisioning spaces for LGBTQ+ people to heal from heteronormative values and develop broader understandings of gender identity and sexuality. He developed TRANS-Gression as part of his masters project at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Additionally, he is currently developing a web-based Alternate Reality Game, entitled Bulge Lab, as part of his dissertation. 

    DeAnda is a former member of Different Games Collective, responsible for revamping the Different Games Inclusivity Statement. He has also organized several symposia, conferences, and colloquia, including: The Chicago Colloquium for Digital Humanities and Computer Science 2017; Informed Experiences, Designing Consent; Screen Time; and Feeling Games.

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