Adjunct Lecturer and Post-doc fellow, the Department of Maritime Civilizations, as well as, a Research Associate in the Leon Recanati Institute for Maritime Studies, the University of Haifa.

Adjunct Lecturer and Research Associate at the Department of Archaeology and Ancient Near Eastern Cultures, Tel Aviv University.

Other Publications


Edrey, M. 2019. The Phoenicians in the Eastern Mediterranean during the Iron Age I-III: Ethnicity and Identity in Light of the Material Culture (AOAT 469). Münster.



Edrey, M., Gross, B., and Herzog, Z. Ancient Jaffa: The Tel Aviv University Excavations (Tel Aviv Monograph Series). Tel Aviv. Forthcoming.

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Edrey, M., Ajami, M., and Harpak, T. eds. Horvat Hermas: Final Report. In preparation.


Chapters in Books and Monographs

Edrey, M. 2013. A Dog Cult in Persian Period Judah. In: Ackerman-Lieberman, P.I., and Zalashik, R. eds. A Jew’s Best Friend? The Image of the Dog throughout Jewish History. Brighton: 12-35.

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Peer Reviewed Articles

Edrey, M. 2008. The Dog Burials at Achaemenid Ashkelon Revisited. Tel Aviv 35/2: 267-282.

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Edrey, M. The Phoenician Tophet: Origins, Ideology, and the Question of Deceased Infants. Forthcoming.

Edrey, M., Erlich, A., and Yasur-Landau, A. The Shavei Zion Figurine Cache in Context. In preparation.

Edrey, M. Early Zoroastrian/Achaemenid Influences on Phoenician Religious Practices during the Persian Period. In preparation.

Edrey, M. The Persistence of Canaanite Religion as Reflected by Classical Phoenician Temples. In preparation.

Edrey, M. The Tell Qasile Temples Revisited. In preparation.

Edrey, M., Zadok, R., and Gordin, S. Phoenicians Sailors in Babylon. In preparation.

Edrey, M. The Agricultural Hinterland of Zanoah, Ramat Bet Shemesh. Salvage Excavation Reports. In preparation.

Edrey, M. and Gross, B. The Agricultural Hinterland of Bet Natif, Ramat Bet Shemesh. Salvage Excavation Reports. In preparation.

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