I am currently a first year UCSB undergraduate at the College of Creative Studies. I’m studying Writing & Literature as well as the History of Public Policy. I am currently working on a project analyzing modern media about disability (specifically bad representation) and its impact on perceptions of disability and Disabled people.


Image description of my profile picture : I, a young White femme, have my face angled to the left and am smiling wide. I am wearing black glasses and multiple silver earrings. My cheeks are red, my eyes are squinted, and a portion of the right part of my face is in the sun. I am wearing a black t-shirt and my (clothed) shoulder is visible in the image. I have chin length purple hair on the top of my head and shaved sides. My hair is being messily blown back by the wind. I am in front of a grey parking lot with several small cars visible in the distance. A silver pole is next to my right ear but is cut off by the image.

Image description for my cover image : The disability pride flag is shown in with five colors in a rectangular diagonal, left corner to right. The bottom color is red, above it is yellow, white, blue, and green. The space not occupied by the color stripes is black to represent the disabled people murdered by systemic neglect or eugenics.

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