Max Grund is a research associate and PhD student in the Cluster of Excellence “ROOTS” and at the Chair of Economic and Social History and History of the Late Middle Ages at the Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel (Kiel University).

His research interests include the economic and social history of late medieval towns, the written form of pre-modern towns and sovereign offices, pre-modern agricultural history, and the regional history of Upper and Lower Lusatia.

His current Phd project examines the use of town books of mixed content in late medieval small towns. For this purpose, the oldest Guben town book of mixed content with over 700 pages and more than 4,400 entries has already been recorded in a database. The three late medieval town books of Kamenz will follow.

In a side project, he is investigating the cultural history of the bee as well as the history of beekeeping and the trade and processing of the bee products wax and honey up to 1800. His findings are presented, among other places, on the project blog (https://bienen.hypotheses.org) as well as on the project’s social media channels on Twitter (@bienenhistorie) and Instagram (@bienengeschichte).

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