I am a Philosopher and organiser at the Free University of Brighton.

I’m also a member of Plan C Brighton.


I got my undergrad degree in Philosophy at Wolverhampton University and my Masters and Doctorate in Philosophy at Sussex University. I taught Philosophy for a decade at the University of Greenwich.

Other Publications


Thinking Between Kant and Deleuze (editor and contributor) – Continuum, 2009. (Paperback 2011)

In the wake of much previous work on Gilles Deleuze’s relations to other thinkers (including Bergson, Spinoza and Leibniz), his relation to Kant is now of great and active interest and a thriving area of research. In the context of the wider debate between ‘naturalism’ and ‘transcendental philosophy’, the implicit dispute between Deleuze’s ‘transcendental empiricism’ and Kant’s ‘transcendental idealism’ is of prime philosophical concern.

Bringing together the work of international experts from both Deleuze scholarship and Kant scholarship, Thinking Between Deleuze and Kant addresses explicitly the varied and various connections between these two great European philosophers, providing key material for understanding the central philosophical problems in the wider ‘naturalism/ transcendental philosophy’ debate. The book reflects an area of great current interest in Deleuze Studies and initiates an ongoing interest in Deleuze within Kant scholarship.

The contributors are Mick Bowles, Levi R. Bryant, Patricia Farrell, Christian Kerslake, Matt Lee, Michael J. Olson, Henry Somers-Hall and Edward Willatt.

Oceanic Ontology and Problematic Thought, v1.0 – Self-Published 2007

Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu.This an account of the philosophy of Gilles Deleuze which argues for a Nietzschean ontology of forces as the core ‘oceanic’ ontology of Deleuze and which then attempts to understand sense on the basis of this ontology, developing a concept of character which is first applied to the conceptual case of aporias and second to the textual case of Wittgenstein’s Tractatus.
An Open Access PDF version is available here.

Various Essays and Reviews


Cunning technologies – hypnotizing chickens, horse whispering and the sorcery of social subjectivities“, in Dark Glamour: accelerationism and the occult, Ed. Amy Ireland, Tony Yanick and Ed Keller, Punctum, forthcoming (Date TBC).

Sorcery, thought and the ‘ghosts of departed quantities’“, in The Enigmatic Absolute, Ed. Joshua Ramey, Rowman and Littlefield, 2016.

Fotamecus Film Majik” (a film, available on vimeo), 2012 – part a chaos majik project, details here – http://razorsmile.org/fotamecus/

Levelling the levels“, in Thinking Between Kant and Deleuze, Continuum 2009

On the very idea of conditions of thought“, (with Ed Willatt); Editorial Introductionto Thinking Between Kant and Deleuze, Continuum 2009

“Memories of a sorcerer: notes on Gilles Deleuze-Felix Guattari, Austin Osman Spare and Anomalous Sorceries; in The Journal for the Academic Study of Magic, Issue 1, 2003.

“Rhizomatic#1” (a documentary film), in Actual/Virtual #1, journal of Deleuze Studies at MMU ERI.

“What is chaos majik?”, in Razorsmile journal, Issue 2, May 2003.

“Hearing touches: towards a philosophy of sound” (with Ben Rumble); Razorsmilejournal, Issue 1, October 2002 . (Page 1-2 PDFPage 3-4 PDF)

“Aporregma#1”; (under pseudonym of ‘Keyman’), Razorsmile journal, Issue 1, October 2002.

“Marxism and morality: methods and values”; New Interventions journal, Oct/Nov 1994

Drafts and presentations

What I do as a sorcerer, Presented to the seminar, ‘Sorcery and Trance’ at The Site for Contemporary Psychoanalysis, as part of their Post-Psychoanalysis series of seminars – 22nd Feb 2018

Capital and the schizoanalytic unconscious“, notes for a talk to London A2Z Seminar, March 31st 2017

Molecular revolution – on the question of organisation” Talk given to the Guattari Study Day, London, 16th October 2015.

Content, constraint and community – on Robert Brandom, presented to a  seminar at UWE in 2014-2015 (including handout).

Finding a voice: opening a new future for the avatar“, paper presented at SKEPSI conference, University of Kent, May 27th 2011

To_survive_daath“, paper presented to Manchester Metropolitan University conference on ‘The Deleuzian event’, Sep.8th/9th 2007.


Bruno Bosteels, The actuality of CommunismMarx and Philosophy Review of Books, August 2015

James Williams: “Gilles Deleuze’s Difference and Repetition: a critical introduction and guide”; Philosophical Quarterly, Vol 55 Number 221, October 2005.

William E. Connolly: “Neuropolitics”; Metapsychology Review, February 2005

Richard Allen and Malcolm Turvey, ed.s: “Wittgenstein, theory and the arts”; Film and Philosophy Salon, vol. 9 no. 2, January 2005.

M.Greenberg, S.S.Shergill, G.Szmukler and D.Tantam : “Narratives in psychiatry”, Metapsychology Review, February 2004.

Jean-Luc Nancy; trans. C.Surprenant: “The speculative remark (one of Hegel’s bons mots)”Philosophy in Review/Comptes rendus philosophiques, Vol.XXIII, No.2, April 2003.

David Sudnow:“Ways of the hand – a rewritten account”; Consciousness, Literature and the Arts, Volume 3, no.3, December 2002.

Review of the“L and B Review” for Film and Philosophy Salon, Volume 6 No. 41, November 2002.

Greg Bottoms: “Angelhead: A Memoir”; Metapsychology Review, Jan 2002

E.Fuller Torrey: “Surviving schizophrenia  A Manual for Families Consumers and Providers, Third Edition”; Metapsychology Review, Dec 200.

Eva Brann: “The ways of Naysaying – No, Not, Nothing and Non-being”; Philosophy in Review/Comptes rendus philosophiques, Vol XXI, No.6, Dec. 2001

Ken Steele and Clare Berman: “The day the voices stopped”; Metapsychology Review, Aug 2001.

John Modrow: “How to become a schizophrenic – the case against biological psychiatry (2nd. Edition)”; Metapsychology Review, March 2001.

Dr Thomas Szasz: “Insanity – the idea and its consequences”; Metapsychology Review, Nov 2000.

Gilles Deleuze:“Negotiations”; Film and Philosophy Salon, Volume 2 No.38, October 1998.

Andrew Dobson: “Jean Paul Sartre and the politics of reason: a theory of history”; Canadian Philosophical Reviews/Revue Canadienne de Comptes rendus en Philosophie, Vol XVI, No.6, Dec. 1995

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