I research the afterlives of Christian/Gnostic Apocrypha in American religion, culture and beyond.

The Kingdom is Within You: The Lost Gospels and Post-Christianity in America under contract with UVA.


PhD, Rice 2017 (Christian Studies and History of Religions in America)

MA, Rice 2013 (Exams: History, Theory, and Methods; New Testament and Early Christianity; History of Religions; Religions in America.)

B.A., SFSU 2008 (Philosophy and Religion, summa cum laude)

Blog Posts


    • Reception of the Nag Hammadi Codices in American religion and culture.

    • Post-Christianity/The future(s) of Christianities

    • Afterlives of ancient Gnostic/apocryphal ideas, tropes and mythemes in contemporary American religions and culture [divine double; docetism and adoptionist Christology; anthropic dualism; archons; apocalypses; angels; Adam/Eve.]

    • Luminous Beings Are We: Star Wars and Religion  (teaching Religious Studies through Star Wars).

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