I am a PhD-Candidate at Charles University, First Faculty of Medicine, Institute for History of Medicine and Foreign Languages in Prague, Czechia.

I examine the ritual dynamics within the Christianisation of temple sleep in Late Antiquity through the lens of Ritual Studies. Ritual Studies is a inter- and multidisciplinary platform, developed by prof. dr. Ronald Grimes in the 1980s. It examines ritual from all academic disciplines, looking at theory and practice. One common feature is that rituals are not static phenomena, but are always changing and developing.

In my research, I apply the ritual theory of ecological anthropologist Roy Rappaport (1926-1997) concerning change and continuity, namely adaptation. This concept consists out of homeostasis, self-regularity and flexibility. Based on the critique of Paul Cassell, I have developed a model of ritual dynamics, focusing on homeostasis.


2021-2025 PhD-program History of Medicine, Charles University, First Faculty of Medicine, Institute for History of Medicine and Foreign Languages

2009 M Ed Teaching History and Civics, Radboud Docenten Academie, Radboud University

2008 MA History, specialisation Ancient History

2006 B Ed Teaching History and Civics, HAN University of Applied Sciences

2002 Pharmacy Assistant, ROC Nijmegen

Other Publications

(Article) ‘A Woman’s Touch. Hygieia, Health and Incubation’, in: Journal of History of Sciences and Technology/DVT – Dejiny ved a techniky, Volume LV – Number 1-2 (2022) 25-55.
(Article) ‘Asklepios en de ‘pest van Athene’’, in: Cahiers Geschiedenis van de Geneeskunde en Gezondheidszorg 15 (2021) 15-21.
(Article) ‘From Jupiter to Jesus? A closer look at the Imperial cult of Constantine the Great’, in: After Constantine: Stories from the Late Antique and Early Byzantine Era, Issue 1 (May 2021) 1-13. DOI 10.5281/zenodo.8158523
(Article) ‘The Foundation of Anthropology to Ritual Studies‘, in: Journal of Ritual Studies 34.2 (2020). DOI: 10.1093/acrefore/9780199340378.013.21
(Article) ‘Hygieia. Identity, Cult and Reception’, in: Kleio-Historia, nr. 3. (2016) 5-24.
(Book) Hygieia. Godin of Personificatie? (Boekscout, 2e druk 2016 [2015]).
(Book) Welke rol speelt de Griekse godsdienst bij Aischulos en Euripides? (GlobeEdit 2016).

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    PhD-Project: ‘From Asklepios to Kosmas. Ritual Change and Continuity within Christian Transformation of Temple Sleep in Late Antiquity’

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    2-6 July 2023 International Medieval Congress, Leeds University

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