His research activity encompasses areas within Historical Linguistics (including the publication of a two-volume Historical Grammar of Galician, 1995-97), and Textual Criticism, specifically in relation to medieval Galician-Portuguese troubadour poetry texts. He is currently working on the project Cantigas d’Amigo: An online critical edition.

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    Cantigas d’amigo: An online critical edition

    The aim of this project is to continue the implementation of the Glosario crítico da poesía medieval galego-portuguesa [‘Critical glossary of Galician-Portuguese medieval poetry’] (http://glossa.gal), elaborated between 2010 and 2015 (phases I-II) thanks to two subsequent grants awarded by the Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad (2010-2012: lyric of amor and amigo; 2013-2015: satirical lyric), and also the digital edition of the cantigas, initiated –also with a subsidy from the Ministry– during phase III of the project (2016-2018: compositions 1-640, corresponding to the section of love lyric in the manuscripts). In the fourth phase of the project that we are now proposing (2018-2021) the digital critical edition of the cantigas 641-1.315 will be carried out: this is probably the most original and most representative part of the entire corpus of Galician-Portuguese secular lyric, corresponding to the section of the cantigas de amigo.
    The editorial work will be approached following the most up-to-date methodological principles, starting from the loci critici which were identified and studied during the preparatory phases of the glossary and relying, as an added value, on the global vision of the corpus provided us through the handling of the complete corpus of poems during the redaction of the glossary and the digital edition of the above-mentioned love poems (1-640), at present (December 2018) near completion. The edition of the “cantigas de amigo” (641-1315) will allow us to offer the users of Universo Cantigas (http://universocantigas.gal) this second nucleus of the Galician-Portuguese poetic tradition –which will be completed with the edition of the “cantigas de escarnio” in a final phase–, connecting and interrelating the texts with the glossary, thus making possible the simultaneous and interactive consultation glossary-corpus and corpus-glosario.
    The present fourth phase of the project will also be complemented by a further development of the database and of the corresponding Universo Cantigas website, which is the fruit of the work carried out during this triennium (it was launched, with public access, in May 2018), which will house the critical text of the cantigas, the glossary and all the complementary materials that will be considered necessary.

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