As Scholars Advisor at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, I work with department colleagues in the Honors College to facilitate curriculum and programming for honors students and merit scholars. As honors faculty, I teach courses on identity, belonging, and citizenship, with an emphasis on writing. And with partners across campus I coordinate UNC Charlotte’s nationally competitive awards agenda, drawing on my experience with external fellowships.

My research interests include early modern drama, transnational and multilingual literature, and book history & bibliography.


Ph.D., English, Northwestern University (2018)
M.A., English, North Carolina State University (2012)
B.A., English, Boston College (2010)


“Japan Dramas and Shakespeare at St. Omers English Jesuit College.” Renaissance Quarterly 74.3 (2021): 876-917.

“Windsor’s World of Words: Multilingualism in The Merry Wives of Windsor.” English Literary Renaissance 51.3 (2021): 409-41.

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“Jonson’s ‘Italian riddle’: Epicene and the Translation of Aretino’s Female Speech.” Shakespeare Quarterly 65.2 (2014): 120-39.

“Robert Tofte’s Of Mariage and Wiuing and the Bishops’ Ban of 1599.” Studies in Philology 110.3 (2013): 506-32.

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