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    2017. PhD, Classics — Cornell University


    2010. Post-Baccalaureate Program in Classical Studies — University of Pennsylvania


    2007. B.A., Classics and Philosophy — Bard College

    Other Publications

    2020. “The Arsacids of Rome and Parthia’s ‘Iranian Revival’ in the First Century CE.” In Kai Ruffing, Kerstin Droß-Krüpe, Sebastian Fink, and Robert Rollinger (eds), Societies at War: Proceedings of the 10th Symposium of the Melammu Project held in Kassel September 26-28 2016 and Proceedings of the 8th Symposium of the Melammu Project held in Kiel November 11-15 2014, 475–94. Vienna: Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften.


    2020. “Exemplary History and Arsacid Genealogy in Tacitus, Annals 6.31.” Dabir 7, 175–91.


    2019. “Tiridates in the Forum, Peroz on his Knees: Religion and Reputation in Ancient Iranian Diplomacy.” Anabasis: Studia Classica et Orientalia 10, 214–36.


    2019. “Arsacid Beverages in Lucan.” Classical Quarterly 69 (2), 776–82.


    2019. “Lucan’s Parthians in Nero’s Rome.” Classical Philology 114 (4), 604–25.


    2019. “Remembering Intervention: Parthia in Rome’s Civil Wars.” Historia: Zeitschrift für Alte Geschichte 68 (3), 327–52.


    2018. “Alexander between Rome and Persia: Politics, Ideology, and History.” In K. Moore (ed.), Brill’s Companion to the Reception of Alexander the Great, 197–232. Leiden: Brill.


    2017. “The Seleucids Imprisoned: Arsacid-Roman Hostage Submission and its Hellenistic Precedents.” In J. Schlude and B. Rubin (eds), Arsacids, Romans, and Local Elites: Cross-Cultural Interactions of the Parthian Empire, 25–50. Oxford: Oxbow Books.


    2015. “Horace and the Tiridates Episode.” Rheinisches Museum für Philologie 158 (3/4), 304–25.


    2015. “Venus’ Boots and the Shadow of Caesar in Book 1 of Virgil’s Aeneid.” Classical Quarterly 65 (2), 689–92.

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