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Guest-edited themed issue, “New Directions in Emily Dickinson and Music,” and co-wrote “Introduction” with co-editor Assistant Professor Samantha Landau; and contributed essay, “‘the Bird / Who sings the same, unheard, / As unto Crowd -’: Dickinson’s Birdsongs and the Sentimental Ideal of Spontaneous Utterance,” Women’s Studies, Vol. 50, No. 2, March 2020.


“Emily Dickinson, Jenny Lind, and Rural Nineteenth-Century Fandom,” Reception: Texts, Readers, Audiences, History, Volume 12, 2020. 38-53.


“‘Invisible, as Music –’: What the Earliest Musical Settings of Emily Dickinson’s Poems, Including Two Previously Unknown, Tell Us about Dickinson’s Musicality,” Emily Dickinson Journal, Volume 28, no. 2, 2019. 73-105.


Forthcoming, 2021, “‘Discretion in the Interval’: Emily Dickinson, Musical Improvisation, and Manuscript Variations,” Oxford Handbook to Emily Dickinson, Oxford University Press.



“Athenot, Éric and Cristanne Miller, eds. Whitman & Dickinson: A Colloquy,”  Walt Whitman Quarterly Review, Volume 36, no. 3: Spring / Summer 2019. 353-357.


“What Academic Humanists Can Learn from Nonprofits,” Public Humanities as / and Comparatist Practice cluster, Contemporaries / Post45.


“Emily C. Friedman. Reading Smell in Eighteenth-Century Fiction.” The Eighteenth-Century Intelligencer, Volume 31, no. 2: October 2017. 29-31.


Chair, conference panel, “The Art of Mortality: Death, Philosophy, and Suicide,” Emily Dickinson International Society Annual Meeting, August 7, 2021.

Conference talk, “Robbed Time: Emily Dickinson, Rhythm, and Rubato,” Emily Dickinson International Society panel, “Dickinson in Her and Our Time,” at the 2021 American Literature Association conference; my paper begins at about 40 minutes, 15 seconds.

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