Garrett Lynch (IRL) is an artist, lecturer, curator and theorist. His work deals with networks (in their most open sense) within an artistic context; the spaces between artist, artworks and audience as a means, site and context for artistic initiation, creation and discourse. Recently most active in live performance Garrett’s networked practice spans online art, installation, performance and writing.

Currently Garrett’s research and practice focus is exploring the thesis that networks are a transformative factor in contemporary art practice. How both cultural and technological developments in the latter half of the 20th century e.g. the dematerialisation (Lippard, 1997) of art as object, art as process (Alloway, 1972) and the adoption of a systems approach to a number of fields, have enabled practice to become above all concerned with relationship and behaviour. Art has always suggested connections to the world it is embedded within. Contemporary art continues to do this at a now hyper accelerated pace within a globalised cultural and social context (Castells, 2000) however it can also facilitate actual connections through (new) media as discussed in new media theory. Relationships are produced as a result of connections which enable performative scenarios. As a result of its key concerns this practice should be considered a networked practice and not because of the media forms which may or may not be its technical enabler or carrier.

Post-graduate of interactive research at the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (EnsAD), Paris, France and PhD of networked art at South Bank University, London, England Garrett has taught on several new media courses throughout England and Wales.


PhD networked art, London South Bank University, London, England.

Masters in Interactive Research, École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs, Paris, France.

BA(Hons) Visual Communication (Time-Based Media), University of Central England (now Birmingham City University), Birmingham, England.

BTEC Foundation in Art and Design, De Montfort University, Lincoln School Of Applied Arts & Design, Lincoln, England.

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    All artistic practice is available at: http://www.asquare.org/


    The Centre for the Study of the Networked Image: http://www.centreforthestudyof.net/

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