My research is focused on developing an ethical and pragmatic recognition of, and respect for, otherness and difference in communication. I write about communication theory and practice, and draw upon varied examples—taken from science and technology, science fiction and creative art—to illustrate the ideas in my work. Much of my work to date has explored the communicative possibilities illustrated by human interactions with humanoid and non-humanoid robots, looking to fact and fiction, science and art, for inspiration. This research has now been published (along with some more recent thinking about human interactions with explosive ordnance disposal robots and robotic floor cleaners) as a book, Robots and Communication, with Palgrave Macmillan in the Pivot series.


PhD in English, Communication and Cultural Studies (2012)
University of Western Australia (UWA)
Close encounters with robots: re-evaluating otherness in communication

Masters in Communication Studies (2005)
Lectures as landscapes of temporary shared reality: interdisciplinary theories in support of positive educational effects

BA Honours in Natural Sciences 2:1 (1991)
University of Cambridge, UK

Other Publications


Robots and Communication (2015). Pivot Series. Palgrave Macmillan: Basingstoke, UK. (Information from Palgrave with free sample material. Also available for purchase from online book sellers including Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk. I have also provided the overview and chapter abstracts here, to give a better idea of the content in the book.)

Book Chapters

“Interdependence in collaboration with robots” (In press). Routledge Companion to Disability and Media. Eds. Katie Ellis, Beth Haller & Gerard Goggin. (Author final version PDF.)

“Aliveness and the off-switch in human-robot relations” (In press). Human-Machine Communication. Ed. Andrea Guzmann. (Author final version PDF.)

“Taking social machines beyond the ideal humanlike other” (2018). A Networked Self: Human Augmentics, Artificial Intelligence, Sentience. Ed. Zizi Papacharissi. (Author final version PDF.)

“The Potential of Otherness in Robotic Art” (2016). Art & Robotics – Exploring an Unlikely Symbiosis. Eds. Damith Herath, Christian Kroos, and Stelarc. Springer: Singapore. (Author final version PDF.)

“Rethinking Communication: Care Robots as Collaborative Assistants” (2015). Re-Orientation — Translingual Transcultural Transmedia (pp. 196-209). Eds. John Hartley and Weiguo Qu. Fudan University Press: Shanghai, China. (Author final version PDF.)

“Same … yet Other: Interpersonal Communication across Alternate Worlds” (2014). The Multiple Worlds of Fringe. Eds. Sherry Ginn, Tanya R. Cochran, and Paul Zinder. McFarland: North Carolina. (Author final version PDF.)

Journal Articles

“Automation and human relations with the private vehicle: from automobiles to autonomous cars” (2018). Media International Australia 166(1): 11-19. https://doi.org/10.1177/1329878X17737644 (subscription required, author’s accepted manuscript)

“Creative Collaborations with Machines” (2017). Philosophy & Technology, 30(3), 305–319. doi: 10.1007/s13347-016-0240-4 (subscription required, read only version of final article or author’s accepted manuscript PDF.)

Re-evaluating the form and communication of social robots: the benefits of collaborating with machinelike robots” (2015). International Journal of Social Robotics, 7(3), 335-346. doi: 10.1007/s12369-014-0278-3 (Subscription required, read only version of final article or author’s accepted manuscript PDF.)

Eleanor Sandry & Michele Willson. “Interruptions: reconsidering the immaterial in human engagements with technology” (2014). Transformations, 25. Open Access Journal

“‘Face to face’ learning from others in Facebook groups” (2014). Digital Culture & Education 6(1): 1-12. HTML/PDF

“Dancing around the subject with robots: ethical communication as a ‘triple audiovisual reality'”(2012). PLATFORM: Journal of Media and Communication, 4(1): 79-90. (This is an extended version of the ANZCA paper of the same title shown below.) PDF linked from here

Refereed Conference Publications

“Dancing around the subject with robots: ethical communication as a ‘triple audiovisual reality'”.
Published in the proceedings of the Australian and New Zealand Communication Association (ANZCA) 2011 Conference, “Communication on the edge: Shifting boundaries and identities”. (Please read the extended journal article above, which offers a more complete explanation.)

“Are workshops a valuable way to engage the future student? Evaluating workshops and tutorials in Women’s Studies”.
Published in the proceedings of the 17th Annual Teaching and Learning Forum 2008, “Preparing for the graduate of 2015”. HTML

“Positively speaking – actively listening: interdisciplinary reflections on lecturing as valuable in higher education”.
Published in the proceedings of the Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia (HERDSA) 2006 Conference, “Critical visions: thinking, learning and researching in higher education”. PDF

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