I’m currently a senior lecturer in Digital Media & Society in the Department of Sociological Studies at the University of Sheffield.

My research has two strands. I am, firstly, interested in how activists negotiate tensions associated with the media platforms they use, particularly the challenges posed by social media. I have previously explored difficulties encountered in environmental, animal, and food activism, with more recent research focusing on anti-racist politics. I, secondly, have a broad interest in non-anthropocentric theoretical work, which explores ways of thinking and acting in the world that move beyond human exceptionalism. I have tried to bring these themes together in monographs including my 2019 book What Comes After Entanglement? Activism, anthropocentrism and an ethics of exclusion (which explores productive affinities and tensions between theoretical work and political praxis) and forthcoming work focused on the popularisation of veganism.


I’m currently an editor of Cultural Politics.


Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (2015)

PhD in Critical Theory, University of Nottingham (2007-2011)

MA in Critical Theory, University of Nottingham (2006-2007)

MA(hons) English Literature, University of Edinburgh (2002-2006)

Other Publications

I’ve listed and provided (green & gold) OA links to work where possible, but please do email if you’d like me to send anything and I’ll get back to you ASAP: e.h.giraud[at]sheffield.ac.uk



Giraud EH (2021) Veganism: Politics, Practice and Theory. London: Bloomsbury Academic. Details here!


Giraud EH (2019) What Comes After Entanglement? Activism, anthropocentrism and an ethics of exclusion. Durham, NC: Duke University Press. Preview of introductory chapter available here.




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Giraud EH (2021) Animal studies. The Year’s Work in Critical and Cultural Theory.


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Giraud E (2017) ‘Post-truth is a Feminist Issue’. Discover Society, available: http://discoversociety.org/2017/10/04/post-truth-is-a-feminist-issue/

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