Currently, Visiting Senior Research Fellow in the Archaeological Computing Research Group at the University of Southampton, where I focus on two main areas of research: ontological transformations of archaeology in the digital, especially due to the developing alignments between virtual and physical words; exploring the significance of craft skills in field archaeology, which involves extensive cross-disciplinary collaboration with fine artists.

I am a pioneer of data visualisation and virtual heritage. My involvement in archaeological computing began in 1982 while working on my PhD in which I developed and applied proto-GIS technology to the analysis of the archaeological landscape of the Isle of Man. My fascination with the potential and pitfalls of digital technologies to model, explore, present, translate, transform and re-present archaeological data and interpretation has expanded ever since. Now my peer-reviewed research output investigates the implications of additive manufacturing and their affordances for contemporary archaeology (see ORCID account: orcid.org/0000-0002-8067-8991).

I am a past chairman and now life member of CAA (Computer Applications in Archaeology), Chairman of the CAA International Scientific Committee, a member of Virtual Heritage Network Ireland, CAA-Greece and the editorial board of Virtual Archaeology (virtualarchaeology.ru)

In addition to my academic credentials I bring more than 23 years of wide international business experience in the IT and communications sector (with IBM) where I was worldwide leader for Knowledge brokering, professional and community development and complex solution deployment for the Telecommunications Industry business unit. I have also held leadership roles for strategy development, marketing, sales and research and development (where I was the industry leadership team interface to IBM Research Division). Previous to IBM I was a research fellow and free-lance field archaeologist working in UK, Germany, Austria, and Spain and pioneer of data visualisation techniques in archaeology.


BA (Hons) Archaeology & History

PhD Computer-based Archaeology

Other Publications

See Orcid id


Rediscovering and Modernising the Old Minster of Winchester, Digital Applications in Archaeology and Cultural Heritage 2016 (with Stephen Todd and Andy Walter). doi:10.1016/j.daach.2016.04.001

Additive Archaeology: An Alternative Framework for Recontextualising Archaeological Entities, Open Archaeology 2015. doi: 10.1515/opar-2015-0013


Palimpsests of Immaterial Assemblages Taken Out of Context, Norwegian Archaeological Review 2015. doi: 10.1080/00293652.2015.1086812

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    CAA-UK: Key Note ‘Unstable Futures/Potential Pasts: pulling archaeology together in the digital age’, Winchester 4-5 March 2017

    CAA Atlanta – discussant ‘The London Charter has no Substance’, March 14-16, 2017 Atlanta

    Annihilation Event – exhibiter/collaborator ‘(Im)material Minster’, Annihilation Event, Central St Martins 21-31 March 2017


    CAA (International) Chair of Scientific Committee




    Virtual Heritage Network – Ireland


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