Historian specializing in Byzantine culture. My research interests are interdisciplinary and extremely wide ranging. My dissertation project looked at militarizations of religious culture in the eastern Mediterranean.

My politics are anarcho-pacifist and intersectional feminist. I am openly genderqueer.


Currently working on Ph.D. in Ancient History at Macquarie University.

M.Res. in ancient history at Macquarie University 2020.

Ph.D. ABD in medieval history at Ohio State. Left 2018.

M.A. in Classics at Texas Tech 2010

B.A. in History at Kalamazoo College 2008

Other Publications

Refiguring Sex Work in the Life of Theodoros of Sykeon. Studies in Late Antiquity. Volume 6, Issue 3, 457-481. https://online.ucpress.edu/SLA/article-abstract/6/3/457/193309/Refiguring-Sex-Work-in-the-Life-of-Theodoros-of?redirectedFrom=fulltext

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