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    hold a PhD in History and Civilisation from the European University Institute, Florence (2019) with my thesis Capital Nature: a History of French Municipal Museums of Natural History, 1795-1870. My doctoral thesis was awarded the 2020 James Kaye Memorial Prize for the Best Thesis in History and Visuality.

    In September 2020, I started working as a Research and Teaching Fellow in the History of Science (ATER) in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Strasbourg.
    From 2018 to 2020 I taught Modern European History at the University of Lille. My research deals with practices and cultures of natural history in the nineteenth century, with a focus on museums and collections of natural history; scientific practices; the production of scientific space.

    I am generally interested in the history of the relation between nature and the human societies. My current research interest is about the use of scientific and natural history collections in environmental history. I am also working at the publication of my thesis.

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