Dr Begoña Cayuela is a PhD in Art History at the Universitat of Barcelona with the dissertation entitled «Tradiciones y transmisión iconográfica en el arte altomedieval. La iconografía del sacrificio de Isaac en el arte hispánico (siglos VII al XII)» (online at http://www.tdx.cat/handle/10803/129907). Her areas of specialization are Early Medieval Art and Iconography. She is a member of the Research Group of the University of Barcelona, Ars Picta (http://www.arspicta.net).

Alongside her career as an independent researcher, she is a programmer with more than 20 years of experience. Her skills include working with databases such as MS Access and SQL Server, software and web programming.

This mixed interest, the Digital World and the Medieval Art, has led her to create a Facebook page to collect resources and news about medieval art. Medieval Art is the name of this fan page and is available at the address: https://www.facebook.com/MedievalArt. There is also a companion Twitter account: https://twitter.com/MedievalArt1.

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