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    I teach medieval English literature at Central Connecticut State University.  My research interests are two-fold.

    First, I examine the intersection of legal and literary discourse, which has lead to several articles and co-edited volumes. Currently, I am co-editing the Cambridge Companion to Medieval English Law and Literature with Sebastian Sobecki (University of Groningen).

    My second research interest examines Chaucer’s popular reception.  In this vein, I have written American Chaucers (2007) and contributed articles to Sex and Sexuality in a Feminist World (2009), American Literary History (2009), European Journal of English Studies (2011), Dark Chaucer: An Assortment (2012), Medieval Afterlives in Popular Culture (2012), Digital Gaming Re-imagines the Middle Ages (2013), Educational Theory (2014), Screening Chaucer: Absence, Presence, and Adapting the Canterbury Tales (2016), and Cambridge Companion to Medievalism (2016). In a broader context, I collaborate with Jonathan Hsy (George Washington University) on Global Chaucers (, a project focusing on non-Anglophone adaptations and translations.  With Hsy, I maintain an active blog and have written articles for Medieval Afterlives in Contemporary Culture (2015), Accessus (2015), and postmedieval (2015). Together we are co-editing an issue for the Global Circulation Project at Literature Compass.

    Because of my interest in teaching and Chaucer’s global reception, I am a founding member of the Editorial Collective for the Open Access Companion to The Canterbury Tales, a project developing a free, high-quality, open-access introductory volume reaching Chaucer’s global audience of English readers from a wide diversity of institutions.



    Duke University, Ph.D., 1998

    Rice University, B.A., 1979

    Other Publications

    Monographs and Edited Essay Collections

    Thinking Historically After Historicism: Essays in Memory of Lee W. Patterson. Edited with Emily Steiner. A special issue of The Chaucer Review 48:4 (2014).

    American Chaucers. New Middle Ages Series. Palgrave/Macmillan, 2007.

    The Letter of the Law:  Legal Practice and Literary Production in Medieval England.  Edited with Emily Steiner. Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 2002.    

    Monographs and Edited Essay Collections (under review and/or in process)

    Faithless Love: ReReading Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales through Global Languages (monograph in process).

    Chaucer’s Global Pilgrimage: Reading The Canterbury Tales in Translation. Edited with Jonathan Hsy (edited essay collection; under review, the Global Circulation Project at Literature Compass.).

    Open Access Companion to Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales. (member of the editorial collective)

    Companion to Late-Medieval Law and Literature. Edited with Sebastian Sobecki (accepted by Cambridge University Press).

    Modernities and Global Medievalisms. Edited with Louise D’Arcens (accepted as special issue of Digital Philology).


    “Hypertranslation and Translatio Studii,” review essay in special issue on Thinking Across Tongues, edited by Jonathan Hsy, Mary Kate Hurley, and Andrew Kraebel. postmedieval 8.x (2017): xx-xx.

    “Lost Chaucer: Natalie Wood’s ‘The Deadly Riddle’ and the Golden Age of American Television,” in Screening Chaucer: Absence, Presence, and Adapting The Canterbury Tales, edited by Kathleen Coyne Kelly and Tison Pugh. Columbus, Ohio: Ohio State University Press, 2016: 89-109.

    “Archive Blindness: Peter Ackroyd’s The Clerkenwell Tales,” in special issue on After Eco: Novel Medievalisms, edited by Bruce Holsinger and Stephanie Trigg. postmedieval 7.2 (2016): 247-256.

    “Common-Law and Penitential Intentionality in Gower’s ‘Tale of Paris and Helen,’” in special issue edited by R. F. Yeager and Kara McShane. South Atlantic Review 79.3-4 (2015): 132-143.

    “The Spectral Advocate in John Gower’s Trentham Manuscript,” in Theorizing Legal Personhood in Late Medieval England.  Edited by Andreea Boboc. Leiden: Brill Publishers, 2015. 94-118.

    “Remediated Verse: Chaucer’s Tale of Melibee and Patience Agbabi’s ‘Unfinished Business’,” with Jonathan Hsy. Special issue on Contemporary Poetics and the Medieval Muse, edited by David Hadbawnik and Sean Reynolds. postmedieval 6.2 (2015): 136-145.

    Global Chaucers: Reflections on Collaboration and Digital Futures,” with Jonathan Hsy, Accessus 2.2 (2015): Article 3.

    “Teaching Chaucer in Middle English: A Fundamental Approach,” in Innovative Approaches to Teaching Chaucer special issue of Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Teaching 22.1 (Spring 2015): 21-32.

    “Traveling Chaucer: Comparative Translation and Cosmopolitan Humanism,” in special issue of Educational Theory: Translation and Cosmopolitan Humanism 64.5 (October 2014): 463-477.

    “Personas and Performance in Gower’s Confessio Amantis,” The Chaucer Review 48.4 (2014): 414-433.

    “The Trentham Manuscript as Broken Prosthesis: Wholeness and Disability in Lancastrian England,” Accessus 1.1 (2013): Article 4.

    “’Best and Only Bulwark’: How Epic Narrative Redeems Beowulf: the Game,” with Timothy English, in Digital Gaming Re-imagines the Middle Ages.  Edited by Daniel Kline.  New York, NY: Routledge, 2013: 31-42.

    “The YouTube Prioress: Anti-Semitism and 21st-Century Participatory Culture,” in Medieval Afterlives. Edited by Gail Ashton and Daniel Kline. New York, NY: Palgrave Macmillan, 2012. 13-29.

    “Dark Whiteness: Benjamin Brawley and Chaucer,” in Dark Chaucer: An Assortment.  Edited by Eileen Joy, Nicola Masciorola, and Myra Seaman. Brooklyn, NY: Punctum Books, 2012.  1-11.

    “Grieving American Civil War Dead: General Hitchcock’s Hermetic Interpretation of Chaucer’s Book of the Duchess,” European Journal of English Studies 15 (2011): 143-156.

    “John Gower’s Legal Advocacy and ‘In Praise of Peace,’” in John Gower, Trilingual Poet: Language, Translation, and Tradition. Edited by Elisabeth Dutton. Woodbridge, UK: Boydell and Brewer, 2010. 112-125.

    “’Forget what you have learned’: The Mistick Krewe’s 1914 Mardi Gras Chaucer,” American Literary History 22.4 (2010): 1-25.

    “Re-Telling Chaucer for Modern Children: Picture Books, the Marketplace, and Evolving Feminism,” in Sex and Sexuality in a Feminist World. Edited by Katherine Hermes and Karen Ritzenhoff.  Newcastle, UK: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2009. 18-31.

    “Extra-Credit Opportunities for Students in General Education Courses,” in Effective Teaching: Systematic Reflections on the Scholarship of Teaching. Edited by Paulette Lemma. Vol. 2.  New Britain, CT:  Central Connecticut State University, 2005. 95-99.

    “‘Misframed Fables’:  Barclay’s Gower and the Wantonness of Performance.” Mediaevalia 24 (2003): 193-223.

    Contributions to Books and Reference Works

    “Afterlives,” with Jonathan Hsy. A Companion to Chaucer, 2nd edition. Edited by Peter Brown. Blackwell Publishing, forthcoming 2017.

    “Legal Writing,” in Encyclopedia of Medieval British Literature. Edited by Robert Rouse and Sîan Echard. Wiley-Blackwell, forthcoming 2017.

    “Global Medievalism,” in Cambridge Companion to Medievalism, Edited by Louise D’Arcens. Cambridge University Press, 2016: 180-195.

    “Global Chaucers,” with Jonathan Hsy. Medieval Afterlives in Contemporary Culture. Edited by Gail Ashton. London: Bloomsbury Books, 2015: 147-156.

    “Rodney Hilton.” Handbook of Medieval Studies. Edited by Albrecht Classen. 3 vols. Berlin: deGruyter, 2010.

    “Lynn White, Jr.” Handbook of Medieval Studies. Edited by Albrecht Classen. 3 vols. Berlin: deGruyter, 2010.

    “Skeltonics.” Companion to Pre-Sixteenth-Century Poetry. Edited by Michelle Sauer. Facts on File, 2008. 418.

    “Old and Middle English Poetry,” Section Introduction for The Longman Anthology of Poetry. Edited by Lynne McMahon, Ryan Van Cleave, and Averill Curdy. Longman, 2006.

    Selected On-Line Essays

    “Chaucer’s Voices,” Guest Blogger for New Chaucer Society webpage:

    “Chaucer in China (2): Reading Lin Shu,” for Global Chaucers:

    “Why Translations?” for Global Chaucers:

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