Fin de Siècle Victorian Aestheticism, Dandyism, Decadence, esp. Oscar Wilde’s cultural influence in modern China (1910­–); the global circulation of literature and cultures; sex, gender and sexuality, esp. LGBTQ+ activism in East Asia; visual culture, internet culture, big data analysis applied in literary studies.


Ph.D., University of Warwick, Department of English and Comparative Literary Studies

– Degree conferred in April 2020, following VIVA in January 2020.

  • Dissertation: “The Cultural Legacy of Oscar Wilde in Modern China and Beyond (1909–2019)” supervised by Ross Forman

  • This dissertation investigates Oscar Wilde’s cultural legacy in contemporary East Asia, particularly on how he has been a commercialised LGBTQ+ figure to the Chinese generation 90s in consuming both cosmetic products and online queer fanfictions. Further to the study in China, it also comparatively studies the appropriation of Wilde’s dandy persona in the Japanese gaming industry and S. Korean musical industry, exploring their perception of LGBTQ+ identity in relation to the women’s right movements in East Asia.

  • Fully funded by Warwick–Chinese Scholarship Council Joint Doctoral Scholarship

  • Viva Committee: Regenia Gagnier, Stephen Shapiro, Thomas Docherty (Chair)

M.A., University of Warwick, English Literature (Victorian Route) – 2015, Merit

B.A., Southwest Minzu University, Tsinghua University, English – 2013, Distinction (94%) GPA 3.88/4.0

Other Publications

PUBLICATIONS (Peer-reviewed Journal Articles)

Forthcoming 2022: (ed.) The Orient and the Empire: Collected Essays on East Asia’s

Anglophilia and Anglosphere’s Oriental Taste (1842–2019), Special issue with Global Nineteenth-Century Studies, Edinburgh UP.

Forthcoming 2021: “The Consumerist Simulacra of Oscar Wilde in Contemporary Chinese Youth Culture,British Journal of Chinese Studies

2019: “Oscar Wilde in Sinophone Cultures,” Global Encyclopaedia of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer History, (Ed.) Howard Chiang. Farmington Hills, MI: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 2019. (This project won 2020 Dartmouth Medal of the American Library Association)

2017: “On Presentism and Historicism: Wilde and the Legacy of Aestheticism in Contemporary China.” V21: Victorian Studies for the 21st Century. 7th, Feb. 2017. Web.

2013: “Subtle Morals in Wilde’s Works for Chinese Young Adults.” Wenxue Jiaoyu (Literary Education) 257 (2013): 8-11. Print.

2013: “On Learning Latin’s Advantages for ESL,” Jiaoyu Jie (Education Academia) 105.9 (2013): 154-155. Print.

2012: “Offbeat Heroes: Wilde and His Dandies,” Zuojia Zazhi (Authors’ Magazine) 520 (2012): 125-126. Print. (Chinese National Core Academic Journal)

2011: “Analysis of Strange Phenomenon among Chinese Group Tourists.” Zhongguo Xibu Keji (Science and Technology in Western China) 261.9 (2011): 95-96. Print

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    Research Assistant/Writer, Chinese Voices in COVID-19, Interdisciplinary Research Project, Depts of History, English, and International Politics, University of Warwick

    2020–: Chinese Against Racist Virus Chinese Student Group Against Racism Protest during the COVID19 Outbreak in London, reported by QuickTake Bloomberg

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    2021: “The ‘Oriental’ Dandy and New Modes of Chinese Masculinity: Oscar Wilde’s Consumerist Simulacrum in Chinese Men’s Fashion,” Victoriographies Research Group seminar series, University of Surrey

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