Interested in many things termed ‘Early Music’ to do with Scotland, from medieval to long 18th century

Other Publications

‘Sounding Hagiography: the Inchcolm fragments’ Office for St Columba’ (forthcoming) Proceedings of Columba and Iona: An Interdisciplinary Conference.

‘The British Empire in late eighteenth and early nineteenth century Scottish Music: early observations’ (forthcoming), Journal of Irish and Scottish Studies

Diasporic music and musicians: Scottish national music in later eighteenth-century London.’ (2021), Journal of the Northern Renaissance, Issue 11

‘“Am I Not a Woman Like Thyself?” – The Transvestite Male Rapist Narratives of Óðinn and Rindr, and Ewen and Thaney’ (2019), Kyngervi, pp. 37-56.

‘The Adaptation of Saint’s Lives in Medieval Chant: Remembrance and Request’ (2018) in Dom Birch, Kelly Clarke, and Katie Haworth (eds.) Imitation and Innovation: Uses of the Past in the Medieval and Early Modern World. Proceedings of the 2017 MEMSA Student Conference, pp. 57-75.

Inferring the placement of a bardic school in 13th to 15th century Lennox, Scotland, through harp wood types’ (2016) Fellowship of Makers and Researchers of Historical Instruments Quarterly. Issue 134, pp. 24-27.

Blog Posts


    Musical Marginalia – Funded by the Scottish Graduate School for the Arts and Humanities’ Scottish University Research Collections Associate Scheme. A project exploring the often-overlooked music found in the margins and images of manuscripts, stored at the Universities of Glasgow and St Andrews.

    Upcoming Talks and Conferences

    MedRen Music Conference: ‘Crusading rhetoric and hatred in the music of medieval St Andrews’ (July 2023)


    Exegesis, Sermons, Liturgy: New Pathways in Crusade Studies: ‘Crusading rhetoric and hatred in the music of medieval St Andrews’ (November 2022)

    The International Medieval Congress: ‘Iudea misera and Gens evertit extera: Forming a border against the ‘Other’ in 13th century Scottish music’ (July 2022)

    Society of Antiquaries of Scotland: ‘The Medieval Music of the Inchcolm Office for St Columba’ (April 2022) Recording.

    Columba and Iona: An Interdisciplinary Conference: ‘Sounding Hagiography: the later medieval adaptation of the Vitae Columbae for the Office of St Columba at Inchcolm Abbey’ (December 2021)

    Scotland, Ireland and the Cultural Artefacts of Colonialism: ‘The Empire in late-18th and early-19th century Scottish Music’ (September 2021)

    The International Medieval Congress: ‘The 14th-Century Office for St Columba as a Musical Borderland between Scotland and Europe’ (July 2020)

    MedRen Music Conference: ‘The Inchcolm office for St Columba: a site of Scoto-European musical hybridity?’ (July 2019)

    Musica Scotica: ‘Iudea Misera and Gens evertit extera: Anti-Semitic and Anti-Muslim conductus in the 13th-century W1 manuscript of St Andrews’ (April 2019)

    Scottish Church History Society: ‘13th century Scottish Christian perceptions of Jews and Muslims: the evidence given by the St Andrews W1 manuscript’ (March 2019)

    The International Medieval Congress: ‘Commemorating Saints through Chant Texts: Columba and Kentigern’ (July 2018)

    Music and Literature: Innovations, Intersections, and Interpretations: ‘Written Life to Sung Office: Transmission of Ideas Between the Early- and Late-Medieval Cult of St Columba’ (June 2018)

    Musica Scotica: Two Scottish Saints – Two Different Lives – Two Similar Offices? (April 2018)

    The Communities and Margins of Early Modern Scotland: ”O’er the water to Charlie’: contextualising James Oswald’s Jacobite tunes in London printings’ (October 2017)

    The Culture of Literature and Language in Medieval and Renaissance Scotland, 15th International Conference on Medieval and Renaissance Scottish Literature and Language (ICMRSLL): ‘The Textual Choices in the Offices for St Columba and St Kentigern’ (July 2017)

    Eleventh Annual Postgraduate Conference, Medieval and Early Modern Student Association, Durham University: ‘The Adaptation of Saint’s Lives in Medieval Chant: Remembrance and Request’ (July 2017)

    Musica Scotica: ‘Mauvoisin and Bernham? A rethinking of W1’s creation dating’ (April 2017)

    Musica Scotica: ‘Binary bass sequences in Scottish fiddle tunes 1757-1784’ (April 2016)


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