Between 1980 -2000 I worked as a professional artist in theatre design, working in multimedia and widely varied projects, inclusive of artist in residencies, workshops, construction and design for Australian film, TV, and theatre.

In 2004 I enrolled in Arabic and Archaeology at the university of Melbourne, going on to do a BA inclusive of both. Since that time I have added an MA in LBA eastern Mediterranean archaeology and PhD in New Kingdom Egyptology to my repertoire.

My focus is on visual semantic and critique of art historical models for Bronze Age eastern Mediterranean iconography, particularly hybrid forms of same and iconographic exchange. My recent research activities have added an interest in ancient healing plants and psychoactives.

I write a blog on these topics and on misinformation related to these here – https://artisticlicenseorwhyitrustnoone.blogspot.com/


  • DPhil, Egyptology  (University of Leipzig)

  • MA, Classics & Archaeology  (University of Melbourne)

  • BA, Hons. Classics and Archaeology (University of Melbourne)

Other Publications

2022. Outlooks on the International Koine Style: Hybrid Visual Idiom from New Kingdom Elite Iconography. ÄSL III. Online at https://books.ub.uni-heidelberg.de/propylaeum/catalog/book/986?lang=en&fbclid=IwAR0hvebmCBbwh9m_DyG0-VCBRlCrzFj9qiiiqJVIUh2DqdrwBuRMjq3k8fA

2018.  Review of Exploring Religion in Ancient Egypt (2015) by Stephen Quirke. Cambridge Archaeological Journal 28(1): 165-166.

2017.  ‘Iconographic Entanglement in New Kingdom Egyptian Royal Rhetoric: Was the ‘International Style’ a Nuanced Form of Visual Rhetoric for an Old Office?In Interkulturität. Kontakt Konflikt Konzeptualisierung: Beiträge des sechsten Berliner Arbeitkreises Junge Ägyptologie, BAJA 6, editors S. Beck, B. Backes and A. Verbovsek, 151‒174. Harrassowitz: Wiesbaden.

2015.  ‘The Iconography of the Boston MFA Bronze Bowl with Incised Decoration from Tomb S 155 in the Southern Necropolis at Meroe in Sudan’. Amphora Issue of the Melbourne Historical Journal 43(2): 74-118.

2013.  ‘Enduring Fictions of Late Victorian Fantasy: Sir Arthur Evans and the Faience Goddesses from Minoan Crete’. In Ancient Planet 5, 2-23.

2013.  ‘Unmasking Ancient Colour: Colour and the Classical Theatre Mask’. In Ancient Planet 4, 42-61.

2012.  ‘Erroneous Terms in Archaeology and Popular Literature: the ‘Mother Goddess’, or Why I Can be Tiresome at Social Engagements’. In Ancient Planet 3, 16-27.

2012.  ‘The International Style, Colour and Polychrome Faience’. In Ancient Near Eastern Studies 49, 118-149.

2012.  ‘Colour Symbolism in Ancient Mesopotamia’. In Ancient Planet 2, 18-33.

2010.  ‘Constructing Classical Greek Masks for Contemporary Theatre’. In The Mask Handbook, by Anita Sinclair, 169-172.

Blog Posts


    2020-2021 two projects for the Sächsische Akademie der Wissenschaften at Leipzig (2020-2021): translating the German translation of the Ebers medical papyrus by Dr Lutz Popko into English for the digital database at the Albertina library (Leipzig), the Science in Ancient Egypt website, and the Thesaurus Linguae Aegyptiae translating the Lemmata (ancient Egyptian lexicon) of the Thesaurus Linguae Aegyptiae from German to English for the digital database.

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