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My experience combines a variety of activities from entrepreneurship, business consultancy, branding, and lobbying to philosophy, publicity, and culture.

I was active as a publisher and editor in student times. Editor in Tribuna magazine and later editor and CEO of Radio Student. At that time, I published more than 500 articles on art, culture, and society while finishing a master’s degree in philosophy and comparative literature.

Later, I headed the theatre and film department in Cankarjev dom, the largest cultural institution in Slovenia. I produced more than 30 theatre and dance performances, then also as an independent producer at InArt Center.

I was a partner of the first and still largest and most respected public relations and marketing agency, Pristop, for almost 20 years. I founded the first professional lobby association in Slovenia and the Chamber of Professional Services of Slovenia. I was a member or president of various boards among them president of the National Gallery board for two mandates and is a member of the Ljubljanafestival program board. I served as a consultant for more than 200 Slovenian and international companies. I’m a member of the Manager’s Association of Slovenia and Slovenian Director’s Association.

From 1998 on, I started to develop his branding and marketing model, recognized as Standard Branding Model©. He designed more than 60 brands and business models based on this model since now. The brand I Feel Slovenia is the most visible result that came out of this model. It is the official national brand from 2008 on.

I often appear as a speaker at various conferences on topics like branding, marketing, and public relations.

From 2006 on I started to build up a unique conceptual/philosophical system that unifies evolutionary theory, evolutionary psychology, neuroscience, complexity theory, memetics, liberal economy, and liberal philosophy into a coherent system that he named homonism. Homonism manuscript finished in the beginning of 2022 is the final result.

Andrej is currently a PhD candidate at a School of Advanced Social Studies.

Andrej Drapal is an author of Homonism (Sholars’ Press 2022)  Brandlife (Amazon 2016), How Things Emerge (2008), web resource page, and passionate Twitter user @andrejdrapal, @adDrapi.

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