I’m Research Associate at Swansea University and a freelance translator (German <> English).



Literary Translation, Swansea University, 2011-2014. Dissertation on the ethics of literary translation, focusing especially on Dylan Thomas’s Under Milk Wood.


Welsh Writing in English, Swansea University, 2001-2004. Thesis on the representation of place in contemporary Welsh drama in English

PGCE (equivalent)

Teaching German as a Foreign Language, Johannes-Gutenberg Universität Mainz, 1995-2001 [First]


English Literature, American Literature, German Literature, Johannes-Gutenberg Universität Mainz, 1991-1997 [First]

Other Publications

1. Monographs:

J.O. Francis, Realist Drama and Ethics: Culture, Place and Nation. Cardiff: University of Wales Press, 2014.

The Place of Wales: Staging Place in Contemporary Welsh Drama in English. Trier: WVT, 2007.


2. Books (edited collections):

Ed. with Daniel Williams. Beyond the Difference: Welsh Literature in Comparative Contexts. Cardiff: University of Wales Press, 2004.

Ed. with Bernhard Reitz. Crossing Borders: Intercultural Drama and Theatre at the Turn of the Millennium. Trier: Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier, 2001.


3. Articles (selection):

“The Caradoc Affair: Arguments for an Ethics of Place” North American Journal of Welsh Studies 9, 2014. [http://welshstudiesjournal.org/article/view/50]

“‘His face was livid, dreadful, with a foam at the corners of his mouth.’ Villains in Early Detective Fiction” Modern Language Review, 108: 4, 2013, 1042-1063.

“‘I suppose that I am commuting a felony, but it is just possible that I am saving a soul’: Ethics in early detective fiction” Arbeiten aus Anglistik und Amerikanistik 37: 1, 2012, 3-27.

“Changing Times: J.O. Francis and the first Welsh National Drama Movement.” Modern Drama 54:2, 2011, 161-180.

“Liberty and the Party Line: ‘novelising’ working-class history. Lewis Jones’ Cwmardy and We Live (1937 and 1939)”. Mapping the Territory: Critical Approaches to Welsh Fiction in English. Cardigan: Parthian, 2010. 81-101.

“Visions of Wales: The Welsh Outlook, 1914-1933.” Almanac: Yearbook of Welsh Writing in English. Ed. Katie Gramich. No. 14, 2010, p. 65-92.

“I want to know what iss – behind all of them books…”: Images of education in early 20th century Welsh fiction in English. Almanac: Yearbook of Welsh Writing in English. Ed. Katie Gramich. Cardigan: Parthian, 2008. 115-139.



Blog Posts


    • Papers in preparation:

    • “Dragon Red in Tooth and Claw: Nature, Morality, and Wildness in Niall Griffiths’ Sheepshagger”

    • “The animal, my friend: representation of human-animal friendship in animal biography”

    • “The animal beneath the skin: human animals in Rhys Davies’s short fiction”

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