I am an Assistant Professor of Roman Art and Archaeology in the Department of Greek and Roman Studies at the University of Victoria. My research covers the social, economic and cultural history of Roman Spain, and my publications include books and articles in peer reviewed journals exploring Ibero-Roman material culture (especially ceramics and coinage), demography, Palaeohispanic languages, pre-Roman and Roman domestic and religious spaces, and the construction of identities and the processes of cultural change in ancient colonial contexts. Since 2006 I am digging at the ancient site of Ilduro (Cabrera de Mar, Catalonia) in northeastern Spain, where I am also directing a research project and leading an international archaeological field school.



Universitat de Barcelona
2014 | Ph.D Society and Culture (Classics)

Universitat de Barcelona
2011 | M.A. Archaeology

Universitat de Barcelona
2007 | B.A. History

Other Publications

a)      Articles Published in Refereed Journals

2019    Analyzing technical choices: improving the archaeological classification of Late Republican Black Gloss pottery in north-eastern Hispania consumption centers. Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences 11, 3155-3186 (co-authored with M. Madrid)


2018    Massalia and the Gauls: an interdisciplinary view from the standpoint of its Territory. Journal of Roman Archaeology 31, 603-611


2018    Novedades epigráficas de Ilduro (Cabrera de Mar, Barcelona). Palaeohispanica 18, 203-216 (Co-authored with J. Ferrer)


2018      Yet more coins of the Pompeian Pseudomint from France. American Journal of Numismatics 30, 117-130 (Co-authored with C. Stannard and J. A. Chevillon)


2017     Rural religion, religious places and local identities in Hispania: the sanctuary at Can Modolell (Cabrera de Mar, Barcelona). Journal of Roman Archaeology 30, 267-282 (Co-authored with V. Revilla)


2017    A Plomo Monetiforma from the Iberian Settlement of Cerro Lucena (Enguera, Valencia) with a Nort-Eastern Iberian Legend, and the Italo-Baetican Series. Journal of Archaeological Numismatics 7, 59-105 (Co-authored with C. Stannard, N. Moncunill and J. Ferrer)


2016     Central Italian coins with Dionysus/panther types from Hispania Ulterior, Saguntum (PLAV) 48, 205-206 (Co-authored with C. Stannard)


2016      Nueva inscripción ibérica procedente de El Mujal – El Roser (Calella, el Maresme). Palaeohispanica 16, 325-334 (Co-authored with J. Ferrer)


2015     Cultural contacts and identity construction: a colonial context in NE Spain (2nd – early 1st c. B.C.). Journal of Roman Archaeology 28, 7-37


2014     Una tapadera cerámica con esgrafiado hallada en Cabrera de Mar (El Maresme, Barcelona). Sylloge Epigraphica Barcinonensis 12, 97-104 (Co-authored with C. Velasco and J. Velaza)


2013      La difusión de las emisiones ibéricas layetanas. Saguntum (PLAV) 45, 171-192


2013      Una primera aproximación a las emisiones de la ceca de Ilturo. Pyrenae 44-1, 39-75


2011     Una tortera amb inscripció ibèrica de Can Rodon de l’Hort (Cabrera de Mar). Sylloge Epigraphica Barcinonensis 9, 17-38 (Co-authored with J. Ferrer and A. Martín)


 b)      Books and book Chapters

2020     Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum Italia. Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Firenze – Vol. I, Hispania, Firenze: Ministero dei Beni e delle Attività Culturali e del Turismo Polo Museale Regionale della Toscana (co-authored with M. Campo)


2019    Cercant els límits del territori de Lauro. In Laietània interior: Marques i terrisseries d’àmfores del Vallès Occidental i Oriental, edited by C. Carreras, J. Folch and J.Guitart. Barcelona: Institut d’Estudis Catalans a Barcelona, 69-85 (co-authored with C. Carreras and M. Guàrdia)


2019   Palaeohispanic Languages and Epigraphies, Oxford: Oxford University Press (co-edited with J. Velaza)


2019    Coin Evidence for Ancient Hispanic Languages. In Palaeohispanic Languages and Epigraphies, edited by A.G. Sinner and J. Velaza, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 367-392 (co-authored with P. P. Ripollès).



2017      La ceca de Ilduro, Oxford: Archaeopress Archaeology, 29


2012     La moneda de los íberos. Ilturo y los talleres layetanos, edited by A. G. Sinner, with contributions by A. Árevalo, M. Campo, P. Padrós, J. Ferrer, C. Martí and A.G. Sinner. Norprint S.A, Solsona


2012      La ceca de Ilturo: estado de la cuestión. In La moneda de los íberos. Ilturo y los talleres layetanos, edited by A.G. Sinner, Solsona, 72-83


2012      La circulación monetaria en el valle de Cabrera de Mar (El Maresme, Barcelona). In La moneda de los íberos. Ilturo y los talleres layetanos, edited by A.G. Sinner, Solsona, 55-71 (Co-authored with C. Martí)


c)      Other Publications


2017      Analysis of the metal of the coins of Ebusus and Northeastern Spain (3rd – 1st c. B.C.E.). In M. Caccamo (ed.), XV International Numismatic Congress Taormina 2015 Proceedings (September 21-25), 264-268. Salamone, Roma-Messina (Co-authored with G. Pardini, M. Piacentini, C. Felici and M. Vendittelli)


2011      Las monedas de las excavaciones (2006-2010) en Can Rodon de l’Hort, (Cabrera de Mar, Barcelona). In Actas del XIV Congreso Nacional de Numismática edited by J. Torres, Madrid, 599-614 (Co-authored with C. Martí)


2011    La vil·la de Can Picanyol (Sant Cugat del Vallès, Valles Occidental). In Simposi les viles romanes a la Tarraconense: implantació, evolució I transformació. Estat actual de la investigació del món rural en època romana, Museu d’Arqueologia de Catalunya, Lérida, 133-138 (Co-authored with J. Aguelo and C. Velasco)


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