I’ve spent most of my career as the librarian subject specialist for feminist studies and U.S. history, and as a collections librarian.  My long-time position as coordinator of the Humanities Collection Group (Huma), oddly enough, led me to develop the Library’s Scholarly Communication Program, which I remain the coordinator of.

Freelance book indexing is a side gig I began, when tempted to drop out of society and live in a trailer near a beach in Baja.  I look forward to ramping up Moonlight Indexing when I retire, but instead of moving to Baja, I will be splitting my time between Detroit, MI and Ventura, CA. Indexing discounts are available to the authors of OA books, and authors publishing with small independent presses.


M.A., Liberal Studies, CUNY Graduate Center

M.L.I.S., Library and Information Studies, UC Berkeley

B.A., Women Studies, San Francisco State University

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