• Teaching Food and Beverage Services Through Gamification

    Harvey J. Nonado
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    International Journal of Multidisciplinary Educational Research and Innovation
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    digital natives, Food and Beverage Services, Gamification, Kahoot, Mentimeter
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    Technology and Livelihood Education (TLE) in the Philippines is continuously progressing due to the demand of global community in technical skills. In this progression in education, inadequate teaching and learning materials, and teaching strategy that are suitable in the new curriculum becomes a problem inside the classroom. The use of technology is constantly upgrading the classroom environment. It is being used by teachers to enhance the creativity, innovation, and engagement of their teaching methods. Moreover, it has the capability to increase student’s attainment and escalate their future opportunities, whatever career they choose. Among this innovative teaching strategy is gamification. Gamification is a teaching strategy that increases students’ participation, wherein teacher uses technology game-based to discuss lessons or to do task. This study is intended to determine the effects of gamification as teaching strategy through the performance of selected Grade 9 students in Bagong Silangan High School and to know the challenges encounter using this strategy. Furthermore, this study employed Quasi-experimental design of research. According to White and Sabarwal (2014), quasi-experimental design is known to be the association of groups that is as similar as possible to the experimental group when it comes to the characteristics of pre-intervention. The comparison group captures what would have been the outcomes if the intervention had not been implemented. Hence, the intervention can be said to have cause any difference in outcomes between the treatment and comparison groups. Based on the data gathered, the following major findings are: The academic performance of both control and experimental group on their first quarter grade in Food and Beverage Services is equal before the start of the experiment.
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