• Everybody pro and against communism: paradoxes in the change of the political system and attitudes towards communism (1990–1992)

    Afrim Krasniqi (see profile)
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    The retrospective analysis of the events of 1990-1992, and their treatment today in instruments of collective and institutional memory, proves the thesis that the historical period of breaking with the past and forming the new system is characterized more by the feature of the displacement of elites, of imposition by an urban liberal minority, than by a process that has at its foundations a project of structural reform or democratic revolution. In many respects, the new system continued to function as an appendix severed from the old system, and the main bearers of this phenomenon were the main political parties and the institutions they created. There are a series of arguments that support the assessment that the features of this period lie at the foundation of political transition and in many of its elements, and that they determine or continue to condition it. The transition to democracy, more than a legal or political act, turned out to be an extraordinary test of moral values, of cultural formation, and of the sense of responsibility. The findings do not allow us to understand clearly whether the results achieved during the transition, especially at its beginning, constitute the most that could have been achieved by elites with the same upbringing but with different perspectives and political interests, or whether we are dealing with the impossibility of balancing due to the influence of the communist heritage and geopolitical developments in the region. The dilemma of whether the transition constitutes the maximum of values and standards that Albanian society could offer continues to be dominant, as well as simultaneously a critical indicator of our cultural ability to represent the values of a new system not lived through during our age-old state history.
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