• The Presidentialisation of Political Parties in Albania: Parliamentary Constraints

    Afrim Krasniqi (see profile)
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    Albanian, Election, political parties, presidentialisation
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    This study purports to analyse the covert elements of presidentialism in Albania’s political parties. It aims at showing how political leaders are the centrepieces of the system; how Albania’s political parties predominantly serve as only extensions of their authoritarian leaders during election campaign and in the daily political debate. Still, regardless of their overtly subservient posture towards the narratives of their leaders, Albanian parties possess and exercise more power than the Constitution and Legislation allocates to them. This study takes into account the fact that the constitutional changes during the years have violated the principle of balance of power and the distribution of political clout, thus creating political institutions that are only officialized extensions of powerful political leaders. The study defends the thesis that prevailing elements of presidentialism in Albania’s political parties are formidable barriers to their reform and provides recommendations for a more representative parliamentary system, which is more competitive, more open to actual representation of a larger variety of needs and interests, and less prone of falling prey to the full control of the traditional political leaders and to the interests vested into them.
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