• Developing a Music Librarianship Course Centered on Theory and Praxis in Critical Librarianship, Social Justice, and Diversity Work

    Memory Apata, Elizabeth Berndt, Anna E. Kijas (see profile)
    Library & Information Science, Music Library Association
    Library science, Music librarianship, Social justice
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    Conference poster
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    Music Library Association
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    Music Library Association
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    March 2 - 6, 2022
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    The NEMLA Music Librarianship Course working group developed a syllabus for a course that is centered around the principles of critical music librarianship with a particular focus on social justice and antiracist practices. This initiative is unique from general music librarianship courses offered in LIS programs currently, because we specifically set out to address the barrier to access for credit-bearing courses in music librarianship for Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS) students attending programs without a specific specialization in music librarianship, as well as center approaches and praxis for diversity and social justice work. In this poster presentation, members of the Music Librarianship Course working group will: Provide an overview of the work completed on the development of this course and how the chapter grant funding is being used to support our work; Share the principles and outcomes guiding the creation of the syllabus; Present findings from working with a consultant whose efforts focused on instructional design elements and interrogating the course content from a diversity, equity, and inclusion lens; Identify recommendations for potential modalities, platforms, and implementation of this course. This work is relevant to library workers who may teach in LIS graduate programs, are interested in lowering the barrier of entry to music librarianship for underrepresented or marginalized library workers, and who are overall interested in approaching music librarianship pedagogy and praxis through a lens of social justice and critical librarianship.
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