• Turning Gray Literature into Gold

    Zoe Wake Hyde (see profile)
    Open access publishing
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    Presentation delivered at the Library Publishing Forum 2023. Abstract: While journals and monographs may be the most valorised outputs of research work, they are far from the only ones. In the pursuit of a more equitable knowledge ecosystem – where barriers to access and participation in knowledge creation are continually lowered – these “other” materials, sometimes referred to as gray literature, are just as important to publish and promote. Without them, our body of knowledge is incomplete, neglecting major, often timely, contributions to education, industry, and community. This session will consider gray literature as a prime candidate to drive increased open access publishing for individuals and institutions. We will first establish a shared understanding of gray literature, working with an expansive definition that includes educational resources, blog posts, visual media, and other non-traditional scholarly outputs. We will then consider what “publishing” of such materials could and should look like, emphasizing the “making public” definition of publishing, rather than “making prestigious”. This distinction allows us to imagine a different kind of life for published works, and clarifies the requirements to support such activity; when the goal is to make public, to find your public, we need systems designed not just to store works and make them accessible, but to connect them with the communities who will value them most. Finally, we will explore the necessary cultural and technical factors to foster a vibrant, expansive open publishing Commons, and lay out an existing map of tools and networks (including Humanities Commons, identifier providers and the US Repository Network project) that enable anyone to begin engaging the scholarly community with new ideas in new forms.
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