• RDA Changes in Theory and Practice

    Kathy Glennan, Damian Iseminger, Keith Knop (see profile)
    Music Library Association
    Descriptive cataloging, Resource description & access, Cataloging of music, IFLA Library Reference Model
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    Music Library Association Annual Meeting
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    St. Louis, MO
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    March 2-4, 2023
    LC-PCC PS, LRM, MLA Best Practices, RDA, RDA Toolkit
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    In this session presenters will address changes in the new RDA Toolkit from a theoretical perspective as well as in terms of practical, on-the-ground cataloging. The current official text of RDA incorporates numerous changes, many of which were necessary to accommodate the IFLA Library Reference Model (LRM). The LRM revises, reconciles, and adds to the Functional Requirements family of models (FRBR, FRAD, and FRSAD) that formed the basis of the original RDA text. Among the wholly new concepts introduced in the LRM are representative expression elements (a recognition of the fact that most users see many expression properties of the "original" expression of a work to be properties of the work instead) and a model for aggregates (including what RDA and AACR2 referred to, but never defined, as compilations). This version of the Toolkit also features radical changes to the structure and presentation of RDA. Collectively, these changes have left many catalogers feeling befuddled, befogged, and bemused. This presentation aims to address the biggest points of confusion and show how changes to RDA will play out in reality with practical examples of real-world applications. Topics to be covered in detail include: - The revised MLA Best Practices in the new Toolkit and supporting documentation - Treatment decisions for representative expressions - Additions to the MARC Bibliographic and Authorities formats to accommodate representative expressions, and MLA guidance on using them - The aggregate model and its implications for music cataloging - Changes to policy for access points for aggregating works (particularly relevant for popular music albums)
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