• Role Of International Institutions In Combatting Environmental Pollution

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    Since the start of the industrial revolution in the 1700s, a new scourge called environmental degradation has emerged as a result of the industrial revolution. Environmental deterioration has increased alarmingly over the previous few centuries, and people are virtually past the point of no return. As the issue of environmental degradation impacts every living thing on this planet equally, humanity is at a turning point. When it comes to industrialization, there are four main effect points: air, water, soil, and habitat. Environmental deterioration is primarily caused by human activity. Every nation is attempting to find a solution that would make environmental protection easier. According to reports, governments' guiding principles for halting further environmental degradation are sustainable development and economic growth. Environmental deterioration is a hot topic of discussion worldwide. Numerous institutions all across the world have either been given the assignment or decided to take on this ever-increasing intricacy on their own. Thanks to the development of contemporary technology and a greater awareness of the environment, efforts are being undertaken globally to address this urgent issue. The last several decades have seen governments all around the world realise the need of environmental conservation and sustainable growth, and they are responding by enforcing strong environmental laws. This Chapter specifically talks about the various environmental laws around the world and also help us to to see if they are sufficient to stop environmental degradation and, if not, what can be done to make them stronger.
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