• Seoul Balcony

    Anna Ruth Gatlin (see profile) , Julie Sterndorf
    Research, Learning and scholarship, Painting--Digital techniques, Computer-aided design
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    Visual art
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    The digital image “Seoul Balcony” studies a slice of modern South Korea through its view of a bustling Seoul cityscape from the vantage point of a balcony, giving the viewer a sense of being there in the moment. The painting is executed in a variety of blended media, exploring how computer aided design (CAD) images can be layered with an individual’s own digital handwork. A metaphor for the perspective presented by the painting, which combines a busy cityscape with a calm moment centered around nature-forward balcony, Seoul Balcony asks the viewer to reflect on the opposites presented in the image: digital versus hand generated works and the old (natural forms) versus the new (the hard lines of modern construction). At the same time, the image also raises important questions about the role of design communication in the modern world. As the theme of the 2022 DCA conference suggests, the world is currently grappling with a range of complex issues, from climate change and pandemics to racial justice and social inequality. In the context, communicating new design possibilities to a diverse public has never been more urgent. Seoul Balcony offers a powerful example of how design communication can be used to bridge the gap between tradition and experimentation, remembering and forgetting. Through its use of digital media, the image manages to capture the essence of a moment in time in the midst of a energetic city in modern South Korea, while also pushing the boundaries of what is possible in terms of design communication.
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