• Mell Active Learning Classroom Building

    Anna Ruth Gatlin (see profile)
    Research, Learning and scholarship, Architecture, Classrooms--Design and construction, Active learning
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    The Mell Classroom Building is a cutting-edge facility that was designed to promote innovative approaches to teaching and learning, with a focus on active learning and student engagement. The interdisciplinary team behind the inception, design, and construction of the building desired to create a space that would inspire and support this approach to education. The building boasts 26 active learning classrooms, 2 active learning lecture halls, 40 study rooms, and many informal learning spaces, spread across a 69,000 square foot space. Connected to the Ralph Brown Draughon Library, students can easily move from large lecture halls to smaller collaboration spaces, allowing for a seamless transition between different modes of learning. The active learning approach is centered on high levels of student engagement and activity, and the Mell Classroom Building was designed to facilitate this through flexible, open, and technology-infused classrooms. All of the rooms were designed to allow for a more personal learning experience, with clustered seating, glass boards, and monitors that enable students to connect their mobile devices and use web-based resources throughout the learning process. Overall, the Mell Classroom Building is a testament to the power of innovative design to support and enhance education. It is a space that fosters collaboration, creativity, and engagement, and that will serve as a model for future learning spaces.
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