• Southeastern Life: The Pandemic Edition

    Anna Ruth Gatlin (see profile)
    Research, Learning and scholarship, COVID-19 Pandemic (2020-), Interior decoration--Computer-aided design, Architecture, Domestic
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    America has a history of residentially reacting to world threats. Millions of Americans planted Victory Gardens during both World Wars; in the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, thousands of Americans dug hidden cellars to hide food from invading soldiers. In the Cold War era, hundreds of thousands of residential radiation fallout shelters were built. And in the time of the COVID-19 global pandemic, it has become even more obvious that the front line of the war begins at home. Specifically, by sheltering at home, working from home, and schooling from home, perhaps for an extended period of time. This “model home” is designed for a family of four sheltering in place during a pandemic, visually presented in the style of a magazine spread. This magazine spread includes the plan of the home and renderings of possible furniture and decorative choices. The conceptual significance of this creative scholarship is found in the re-imagining of the suburban American home through the lens of creating a sphere for normal life while accounting for global events that call “normal life” into question. The Pandemic Model Home steers away from the “open-concept” floorplan that has been currently popular. While sheltering in place for weeks at a time, division of space and decreased line of sight to family members becomes a desirable feature. The model home, which is based on a 1950s-style layout, has been thoughtfully designed to include amenities such as: ample pantry space for dry goods and canned goods; a kitchen large enough to cook multiple meals a day in; a designated space for each occupant to retreat to; office space for two working adults; a school/craft area for two children, and the ability to interact with nature, but not with other people. This work reflects on the recent past of residential reactions to political and world threats, and explores how the physical home environment can be re-examined; it is significant both for the present day as well as the unknown future.
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