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    All life on earth emerged from water and the aquaculture sector, by definition,relies upon its existence for all or part of its many and varied production cycles. The future of healthy and sustainably produced food lies in the diversity of aquaculture, from single-cell microalgae in bioreactors to fish in sea pens or freshwater ponds. This is reflected in the German aquaculture sector which is unique in its diversity, ranging from extensive cultivation systems in ponds and coastlines to intense indoor farming. Stefan Meyer and Birgit Schmidt-Puckhaber respectively have done a great job over the last two years to structure the event and ensure that all is in place. Overall the degree of response for AE2019 in Berlin has been overwhelming. More than 900 abstracts have been submitted and as a result we have been able to offer an impressive program characterised by highly diverse sessions, thematic workshops and innovative fora. These include new inter- and transdisciplinary platforms to support exchange within the aquaculture community and between various stakeholders to generate new ideas and conceptswith economic potential. Our Programme Co-chairs Carsten Schulz and Tomáš Policar have worked incredibly hard to try to accommodate this record number of abstracts. Some difficult decisions have had to be taken by session chairs and some people will of course be disappointed. But we hope that the diversity of the programme will entice you to go out of your ‘normal’ sessions and listen to others. I dropped in on an Aquaponics session in Las Vegas at a World Aquaculture Conference several years ago and it changed the whole direction of my research! Gavin Burnell, EAS President 2018-2020
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