• Grundzüge einer Philosophie der Tierforschung

    Martin Boehnert (see profile) , Kristian Köchy
    Animal Studies, Anthropology, Philosophy, Science Studies and the History of Science
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    Philosophie der Tierforschung, Philosophy of Science, Human-Animal Studies, Animal Ethics, Case Studies, Philosophy of Animal Research
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    In current debates about the relationships between humans and nonhuman animals, knowledge about animals is often adopted from the sciences. However, this largely ignores the fact that relationships of this kind also exist in empirical animal research and that these constellations between researchers and the researched have both ethical and epistemic relevance. The core objective of the Philosophy of Animal Research (Böhnert, Köchy & Wunsch, 2016–2018) is to systematically capture and critically reflect on the mediated character and the need for interpretation of this empirical knowledge. To this end, it uses two central analytical concepts: the methodological gap of research and the individual methodological signature of research approaches. The aim of this paper is to introduce both concepts and to illustrate their explanatory capacity for the study of animal research. To this end, an exemplary analysis of two actual case studies of empirical research on cognitive capacities in great apes is undertaken. The aim is to make the fundamental presuppositions of both research programs visible and to understand them as active scientific practices that already set central epistemic and ethical directions prior to any empirical research activity. To illustrate this, we show what epistemic consequences divergent determinations of methodological gaps have with regard to i) the animal capacities to be studied, ii) the conceptualisation of the research places and iii) the ontological ascertainment of the animals to be researched. Against the background of the constellations between researchers and the researched which result from these decisions, we outline two opposing research strategies, which are finally examined with regard to their ethical implications – revealing a complex portrait of interwoven epistemic, methodological, ontological and ethical decisions in animal research.
    Open Access: https://www.tierethik.net/?2021-02
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