• “The Charting a Pathway to Intellectual Leadership model: Valuing unseen gendered labor in annual and promotion review”

    Sonja Rae Fritzsche (see profile)
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    Modern Language Association Annual Convention
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    Modern Language Association
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    San Francisco
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    January 7, 2023
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    Annual and promotion review in institutions of higher education continues to reinforce practices of epistemic exclusion ((Settles, I. H., Jones, M. K., Buchanan, N. T., & Dotson, K., 2020) that proportionally disadvantage women, particularly BIPOC women, in terms of career advancement. Study after study continue to document the unseen labor of women in academia – both staff and faculty. One of the ways to help address such invisible or unrewarded work is to make it visible and develop ways to incentivize and reward it. This is work that we can all do in our own departments and programs. At Michigan State University in the College of Arts and Letters we are asking departments to do just this through the Charting a Pathway to Intellectual Leadership Initiative that we affectionately call “CPIL.” The initiative operates under the assumption that practices of “epistemic exclusion” greatly limit the quality, application, and effectiveness of knowledge created. Scholars Kristie Dotson, Nicole Buchanan, Isis Settles, and Martinique Jones describe epistemic exclusion as an “evaluation bias” that “occurs because of prejudice and negative stereotypes toward historically underrepresented groups in combination with disciplinary norms about valued scholarship” (493-494). CPIL then works to combat evaluation bias in multiple ways: 1) through a shift in the lens through which academic work is viewed and evaluated, 2) through the use of alternate metrics to recognize work that is done in interdisciplinary fields, in the public humanities and digital humanities, areas in which women and particularly BIPOC women often research and teach, 3) by reviewing the academic structures that govern evaluation to make them more inclusive and equitable.
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