• Collecting and preserving the legacy of Black film and culture: A brief collection development and management analysis of Black film archives in the United States

    Renee C.Y.M. Gaillard (see profile)
    Library science, Information science, Film archives, Archives, Black people, African Americans
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    Black culture, Black Film Archive, Black film archives, Black Film Center/Archive of Indiana University, film archives, Film archiving, Library and information science, LIS
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    In assessing the statement, “The processes and concepts of collection development and collection management by 2025 will be dramatically different from those in 2000”, this essay seeks to analyze key collection development (CD) and collection management (CM) developments, trends, and practices of Black film archives in the United States with a special focus on the Black Film Center/Archive of Indiana University (BFC/A) and the Black Film Archive (BFA). First, background context about CD, CM, film archiving, and the Black film archives is provided followed by an overview of key developments in CD and CM observed mostly through research and literature. Then key practices of collection management (accessioning) and collection development (circulation) are defined and provide context for an analysis of the BFC/A and BFA’s accessioning and circulation practices. The understanding of these CD and CM terms is based in Price’s (2021) framework and supported by additional literature. Finally, this essay provides a reflection and look ahead and future practices that may adapt or develop in the context of Black film archives. This essay concludes that Black film archives could benefit from continued and increased collaboration so newer archival projects can receive the resources, best practices, and context of the greater collection of established institutional archives and so in turn, those institutional archives can foster wider circulation and attention of their collections while increasing access and connections to stay tuned to current user needs.
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