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    Feminist art criticism
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    Past, Present, and Future: 2022 ARLIS/NA Annual Conference
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    Chicago, IL
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    April 4-10, 2022
    2022 ARLIS/NA Conference
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    The Kentucky Women Artists digital timeline tracks the history of feminist arts in Kentucky, highlights the contributions of individual women artists, and places regional developments in conversation with national literary, artistic, and political feminist achievements. Some of the women highlighted include Enid Yandell, a large-scale sculptor who studied under Rodin, and Alma Lesch, a fiber artist known for creating vegetable dyes. This digital timeline was created in partnership with the Kentucky Foundation for Women and is the product of a multi-year student internship and scholarly research conducted at the University of Louisville’s Bridwell Art Library. Digital art history projects allow women artists who are geographically underrepresented to be discovered by a wider audience, challenging previous notions of privilege, bias, accessibility, and audience. The timeline not only focuses on Kentucky women artists, but also situates their work with major figures and events to showcase how Kentucky women artists were responding and reacting to national developments in the arts. The digital format means the project is ongoing, constantly being improved with new additions and information, thanks to the crowd-sourced format that invites contributions from anyone who has knowledge of Kentucky women artists, especially those who identity as BIPOC, are from rural areas such as Appalachia, or who work outside the traditional fine arts. The Kentucky Women Artists timeline is an essential project that uses a feminist lens to disrupt and reassess the history of art in the state of Kentucky.
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